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Yamaha Portable Generators - Top Rated


Yamaha portable generators are among the best selling of all generators. In fact, they are number two right behind Honda, especially in the portable generator market. Moreover, when consumers have been polled about the generators they have purchased, Yamaha comes out the favorite.


Yamaha small generators excel in all areas. They are the quietest of all portable generators that have ever been tested. From a reliability standpoint, it is a toss up between Honda and Yamaha. No other brand be it foreign or domestic even comes close. Fuel economy as also an area when the Honda generator and the Yamaha generator are evenly matched. One area where the Yamaha clearly beats Honda is in ease of use and maintenance. Yamaha has made the extra effort to make their products more user friendly. Things like fuel gauges and E-Z fill oil spouts give Yamaha the edge.


Yamaha Portable Generators Videos

Here's a promo video from Yamaha generators. Take a wild guess as to which portable generator they feel is the best. Well, even if they are biased, the Yamaha portable generator is still one of the top two brands. If you believe the quality of the top two brands to be very similar, Yamaha quiet generators win hands down on a cost per watt basis.

Yamaha Generators vs. the competition

Yamaha Generators, world class portable power. http://www.yamaha-motor.com/outdoor/products/modeloverview/cat/2007/55/model_overview.aspx.



This video review of portable Yamaha portable generators is brought to us by the folks at Dirt Trax Television. For their purposes, the Yamaha ef3000iSEB turned out to be the ideal size. These guys are all about power and they pick Yamaha power generators.

Yamaha Generator Evaluation

http://www.dirttraxtv.com Dirt Trax Television Co-Hosts Luke and AJ Lester have a look at just how much fun you can bring along when you have a Yamaha genera...


Here is a video that gives a glowing review of the Yamaha 2400 watt generator, the Yamaha ef2400is. If you are trying to power your RV AC unit, this is a safer choice than the 2000 watt Yamaha. The extra power produced by the 2400 could be the difference between making the air conditioner operate or not.


Blog Articles about Yamaha Portable Generators

Here is a review of a Yamaha portable generator that comes straight from Bobby at the theportablegeneratorreviews.com/ website. Specifically, he reviews the Yamaha ef2000is generator in this review. Like most other reviewers, he finds little to fault with this outstanding Yamaha inverter generator.

Portable Generator Reviews: Yamaha EF2000iS 2000 Watt 4-Stroke ...

http://www.theportablegeneratorreviews.comSat, 06 Apr 2013 14:49:54 GMT

Yamaha EF2000iS 2000 Watt gas portable inverter generator is a versatile and functional solution for homeowners, businesses, contractors and everyone who loves recreational activities.

Yamaha Portable Generators


This is not the best selling of the Yamaha inverter generators, but if you are willing to invest just a little more money, this 2,600 watt Yamaha generator might just have the umph to power up a few appliances that the 2,000 watt model can't handle. This is a good review of this Yamaha inverter generator.

Yamaha EF2600 2,600 Watt 171cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered ...

http://housegenerators.orgTue, 06 Aug 2013 07:16:20 GMT

EF2600 Yamaha 2600 Wattt Premium Generator Product Features 2600 Watt Maximum AC Output/2300 Watt Rated AC Output AC Voltmeter - Provides easy-to-read.


Here is another review of the Yamaha 2000 watt inverter generator. It's the best selling 2000 watt generator for a lot of reasons. Read on and you'll discover all the things that make this portable generator just about the best generator in the world for everyday recreational use.

Best Portable Generator Reviews | Yamaha EF2000iS 2,000 Watt ...

http://householdpowergenerator.comThu, 22 Aug 2013 02:56:58 GMT

The Yamaha EF2000iS 2000 Watt 79cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator is specifically designed to provide maximum power output. It is constructed with small dimension in order to allow the ease of ...


Here's a Squidoo lens promoting the Yamaha 2000 watt inverter generator as a best in class 2000 watt generator. It's true, and the only portable that can touch the Yamaha is the Honda EU2000i.

BEST PORTABLE Inverter Generators - Quiet Clean Power - Squidoo

http://www.squidoo.comMon, 15 Oct 2012 00:24:57 GMT

See All The Best Inverter Generators Her... Quiet Portable Generators for Camping; Best Portable Generator for Tailgating; Yamaha EF 2000is Inverter Generator - A... Best Portable Generator for the Money; See Briggs ...


If you don't have the money to buy one a Yamaha portable generator or a Honda. Here is a cheap alternative. Champion is a decent alternative bit you must remember that you get what you pay for.

Champion 42436 1,500 Watt Portable Generator ...

http://www.smallpowergeneratorsforsale.comMon, 21 Jan 2013 21:00:00 GMT

The Champion 42446 lightweight portable power generator is a very affordable option for camping trips (although not as quiet as the Yamaha EF2000iS), and for workers who need to use their power tools away from a power source. It can be ...


Here is gentleman who has just purchased a Yamaha 2000 watt inverter generator and he is asking his friends on the ford trucks dot com website which weight oil he should use. Of course he gets all kinds of opinions.

Opinion on oil type for new portable generator. - Ford Truck ...

http://www.ford-trucks.comThu, 06 Oct 2011 15:12:43 GMT

I have a new Yamaha 2000 portable generator and was wondering what I should run as this is a new piece of equipment to me. The manual calls for Yamalube 4 ( 10w-40 ), SAE 10w-30 or 10W-40, SAE 30, SAE20, SAE 10W.


If you purchase a cheap portable generator you can pretty much count on the fact that it will be noisy. You get what you pay for, right? Well, you can try and modify the exhaust system to make it quieter, but wouldn't it have been way smarter just to buy a honda or a Yamaha generator?

portable Generator Exhaust mods - The Garage Journal Board

http://www.garagejournal.comTue, 01 Nov 2011 00:00:46 GMT

Buy cheap, fuss about the noise, modify it, fuss about the noise... later buy a quiet generator. But notice how few people buy a Honda or Yamaha quiet series generator, and wonder how to make them even quieter. Good luck!


These guys claim to have found the best prices for the Yamaha YG6600 watt generator, but they didn't find us and we kill everyone with the best price in the country on this generator. Give us a call and we will give you a serious price.

@$ Find Save Price Yamaha YG6600D 6,600 Watt 357cc OHV 4 ...

http://gusudyod.blogspot.comSat, 04 Aug 2012 06:30:00 GMT

Are you searching for Yamaha YG6600D 6,600 Watt 357cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator (CARB Compliant) with the cheapest price ? We already found the Big deals for you. Someplaces where you can .


From RV Travel TV we get a video review of the Yamaha ef2400is portable inverter generator filmed at beautiful Lake Tahoe. As it turns out, Jeff purchased a bit too much generator, but he still gives a positive review of the Yamaha 2400 watt generator. From the portablehondagenerators.info website comes a review of the Yamaha EF1000iS Portable Inverter Generator. The review is quite short but a number of readers chime in with their personal experiences with this great Yamaha 1000 generator. The 1,000 watt generator is typical of the line in that it is extremely quiet, very, very fuel efficient, and incredibly reliable. When you consider yhese factors and thow in the fact that it is substantially less expensive than the number one brand, the Yamaha generator has to be considered the best value in portable generators. Among the best sellers in the Yamaha Generator lineup is the 2400 watt model. The little bit more power that this puts out over the 2000 watt model will often times be the difference between getting multiple appliance to operate at one time. If you have a larger 5th wheel camper or travel trailer and you tend to do a lot of boondocking, one of the Yamaha portable generators that you should consider is the EF4000DE. It produces a ton of instantaneous power and can power up multiple appliances with ease. We have the best prices on the country on Yamaha generators so give us a call when it is time to buy.


Well, we have incredible prices on the whole lineup of Yamaha inverter generators, but not so good that it would make any sense to buy one from us and ship it to Austrailia. If that's where you live, you will want to get in touch with these guys.


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