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RV Generator - Off the Grid Electricity

An RV generator can be used to charge batteries or supply immediate power to a specific electrical appliance in an RV. If the generator is large enough, it can even power an RV air conditioner.
If you are looking into getting a generator for your RV there are several things you need to consider. First of all, is this the best way to generate the power you need given your particular circumstances? If a generator is the right solution, should you get one that will be permanently mounted to the RV or would it be better to get a portable RV generator?
RV GeneratorWhen it comes to generating electricity for your RV you have three choices; a generator, an RV solar system, or a wind generator. Unless you tend to stay or camp in places that have a very consistent wind, the wind generator might not be the best choice. Putting RV solar panels on the roof of your RV can be a great solution if you camp in areas that tend to be sunny most of the time. These systems are super reliable, they are quiet, and once you have the system, you will never pay a cent for fuel. Sunlight is free. The initial cost for a solar RV system is more than for a generator, but in the long run it works out to be far cheaper. A solar system produces clean energy and burns no fossil fuels.
The initial cost of a generator is less than a solar system. However, a generator needs a fossil fuel to operate and that will be a never ending expense. A generator also makes noise and it pollutes the atmosphere. Generators are also less reliable and require a lot of maintenance. However, if you decide that a generator is right for you, you will have to decide if you want a portable generator or a permanently mounted generator. Onan is far and away the most common RV mounted generator. Onan is a world leader in power generation. If you decide on a portable model, then you need to look at Yamaha and Honda generators. They are the two clear cut leaders in this type of generator. They are more expensive than most brands in this class, but they are far more reliable than everything else. Likewise they are relatively quiet, easy to service, and fuel efficient.  They are easily the best values in RV generators.

RV Generator Videos

Here is an outstanding video on the proper way to service the cooling system on a generator.
Here is a great video by Jim Twamley on how to correctly service your RV generator.

Blog Articles about RV Generators

Sometimes it's either obvious or you simply don't have a choice. However, if you are wondering where you should put your RV's generator, you might want to read this blog article.

'RV Generator Location', angelowolff's blog message on Netlog


An RV generator owner ought to program out the generator placement based on some of the adhering to tips: The RV genset demands to be put on a direct body that is involved as element of the RV structure. This placement ...



For the do-it-yourselfers out there, here a very good blog about how to troubleshoot problems with your RV generators control circuts.

RV Generator Repair: Common Causes of Damaged Control ...


Any of several problems with the control circuits may require RV generator repair.



Historically, generators have been notoriously noisy. It just ruins things when someone at a campground fires up a generator at 6:00AM. Modern generators are much quieter than those manufactured many years ago. However, if it's still not quite enough for you, you may want to read the following article.

How to Make RV Generators Run Quietly | DoItYourself.com


It is very important, that RV generators run properly, both for your safety and that of your RV.



Here's a gentleman having some problems with the Onan generator in his RV. He provides the symptoms and contributors take their guesses as to what is causing the problem.

rv generator problems - iRV2 Forums

http://www.irv2.comThu, 25 Jul 2013 18:12:46 GMT

my onan generator is having issues will start and die,, i had carb rebuilt and new plug and filter changed still doing the same thing so i figured i would try and diag it myself , will run with add.




The dangers of carbon monoxide poising from the exhaust fumes from RV generators cannot be understated. This is a new report of an elderly man that died because hir generator was placed to close to his trailer and was left running all night. His wife survived, but this is just one of countless examples of what can happen if you are not extremely careful about exhausting a generator correctly.

Camper Dies From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning « CBS Baltimore

http://baltimore.cbslocal.comThu, 08 Aug 2013 13:26:17 GMT

Officials say the Millers started a gas generator near the rear of their RV shortly before going to sleep Wednesday night. Deputies say the generator was only several feet from the recreation vehicle, with its exhaust pointing ...


This is the RV Generator Handbook from Cummins Onan. This may have more information on the subject than anything else you'll find anywhere. Cummins Onan is the world leader in power generation.

RV Generators Handbook - By Cummins Onan

This RV Generator Handbook contains basic information that will allow you to use and maintain your new generator. Included here are helpful tips for operation along with maintenance, parts and service information. This handbook is a general supplement to the more specific information contained in the Owner’s Manual that comes with every new Cummins Onan generator. Our promise to you is to continue to provide the best performing RV generators and the largest, best-trained service organization in the business. By following the tips contained here and having your Cummins Onan Authorized Parts and Service Distributor or Dealer provide service at ecommended interval, your generator will provide reliable, easy-to-own performance for years to come.


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