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RV AC Units


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Below you will find a great video done by Mark Polk on how to install an AC unit on an RV. While you will no doubt own a different RV, the basic information he provides in this video should prove very valuable to you nonetheless.

How To Install an RV Air Conditioner by RV Education 101®


Mark Polk with RV Education 101 rveducation101.com installs a Advent roof mounted air conditioner in a trailer restoration project. Mark's RV Garage - 17 Episodes on DVD shop.rveducation101.com


Below is an interesting video addressing the question of what happens to the water (condensation) when an RV air conditioner is run. You might be surprised by the answer.

Where does condensation go from RV air conditioner?


RVtravel.com A RVer can't figure out where the condensation goes from his 1998 motorhome's roof air conditioner. Recorded during a live Webcast on Sept. 18 2010 at the Pennsylvania RV Show in Hershey. Play the video for the response from Gary Bunzer,...



Hilary had the misfortune of being one of millions who felt the impact of hurricane Sandy. In her case, her rooftop RV air conditioning unit got soaked through and through. She wants to find out what the effects might be and what she can do to keep it alive.

The RV Doctor: Hurricane Sandy and an RV Air Conditioner



How to prevent this in the future? Get the heck “out of Dodge” when a hurricane is approaching! Seriously though, if the RV is not being used at the time, you can purchase a cover for it that will minimize the intrusion of rainwater through the ventilation openings in the shroud. If you’re living in the rig at the time, and the wind and rain are blowing sideways, just be sure the drain holes in the pan of the air conditioner are free and clear so the incoming water can drain onto the roof before it has a chance to seep into the living area.


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