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Quiet Generator - A Great RV Generator

There was a time not so long ago that it was socially acceptable to run an RV generator at almost any hour and let your neighbors be damned. Well, things have turned a hundred and eighty degrees on this issue. Today, there are rules in all State and Federal campgrounds and parks that demand that you have a quiet generator and that it be operated only during specific hours.

Generator Noise - The Laws Have Changed

Quiet GeneratorThe laws that were passed regarding noise levels in parks directly impacted portable generator manufacturers. The requirements of the laws basically meant that any generator manufacturer that was building either small portable generators or RV generators had to build them in such a fashion that they would meet or exceed the noise requirements of the new laws or that they could no longer sell generators for these purposes. Well, the majority of these companies went to work to right away and redesigned their products so that they would be in compliance with he new laws. Two of the largest manufacturers, Honda and Yamaha, went well beyond the requirements and now manufacture RV generators that are exceptionally quiet. As you'll soon discover, these two brands are leaders in the RV generator marketplace for more reasons than just thier extremely quiet operation.

Best of Breed - Honda Generators and Yamaha Generators

Quiet GeneratorsThere are many RV enthusiasts that desired a really quiet generator not just to comply with the law and keep the peace with their neighbors, they really didn't want to hear their generators either. The Honda and Yamaha portable generators have been the generator of choice for these folks and not just because they are exceptionally quiet. Both of these brands offer great fuel economy, exceptional reliability, and the maintenance they require is minimal and easy to do. From the standpoint of noise, these are the quietest generators money can buy. If you had to give an edge to one of them, testing shows that the Yamaha is a tiny bit quieter. It also seems to have a small edge in terms of power production. However, because of its tremendous brand recognition and extensive dealer network, the Honda is by far the best selling RV generator in the market. If you want a great quiet generator that is going to provide you with  great value and reliability, these two major brand heavyweights stand head and shoulders above everything else. Their are other generators whose brand names you will recognize, but almost all of these are manufactured in China. While the Chinese make some super quality phones and electronics, they have yet to produce generators that measure up to Honda or Yamaha in any way. You can save a lot of money by going with some other manufacturer, but you'll be taking a big risk. But remember, you want a generator that will work without fail in an emergency or when you are camping and have no other source of electricity. Do you really want to take that chance?

Yamaha ef2000isBy far, the best selling and most popular models of the Honda and Yamaha brands are the 2000 watt generators. They are priced nearly identically and will set you back about a thousand dollars. These are actually inverter generators so they are ideally suited to powering computers, TVs, and so forth with no possibility of damaging your expensive electronics. They also generate enough electricity to power a small RV air conditioner. However, you may need to step up to a 2400 watt or 3000 watt model if you plan on doing more. If you have a large RV AC unit or two air conditioners, most users will tell you that neither the Yamaha ef2000is nor the Honda eu2000i has sufficient output to handle these tasks. That being the case, it is important that you accurately and honestly access your needs. You want to be certain that you are buying enough generator. You may end up spending more money than you had hoped for, but you won't end up being disappointed because you spenta lot of money and didn't end up with a generator that can do the job for you.

When I go camping I like to escape from all noise and distractions that come with day to day living. Getting a really quiet generator fits what most of want in our outdoor experience. Stick to these two top brands and you'll be happen with your choice for many years to come.


Videos about Quiet Generators

Here is a video showing the Honda EU3000is while it's running. Seems to be very quiet.

Honda EU3000is Super Quiet Generator Review Video

http://www.paulstravelpictures.com/Honda-EU3000is-Generator-Maintenance-Guide/index.html http://www.paulstravelpictures.com/Honda-EU3000is-Portable-Generator...



This is just flat out great commercial from Hyundai promoting their Silent Portable Generators. This is a must watch!

Hyundai Portable Silent Generators VS Open Frame

Features the impressive silent Hyundai HY3000SEi remote start generator in a real life environment versus an open frame conventional generator.



Here is a very good video from an equipment dealer in the Atlanta area demonstrating the Honda Super Quiet Generators. It's is really remarkable how quiet the 3000 watt model really is.

Honda Super Quiet Generators

Howard Brothers Equipment Company Salesman, Bruce Tate discusses the features and benefits of Honda Generators. Howard Brothers sells Honda Generators in Dor...



This video is all about the Ryobi Quiet Series Generators. Ryobi is well know for quality tools and they are now trying to compete with Honda and Yamaha in the small portable generator market.

Introducing the RYi2200 Quiet Series Generator

Want more details? http://www.ryobitools.com/catalog/outdoor_products/generators/RYi2200.



Blog Articles about Quiet Generators

Here is a blog review for the Lifan CA-ESI 3600iER 3,600 Watt Quiet Generator. It is probably way cheaper than Yamaha or Honda, you just need to decide for yourself if the trade off is worth it.

Lifan CA-ESI 3600iER 3600 Watt Quiet Generator - Small Power ...


Read this small power generator review to find out if the Lifan CA-ESI 3600iER quiet generator is what you have been looking for.



Here is a news article about a company in southern California that rents quiet generators to film production companies. As you might imagine, a film company might really need quiet generators.

Quiet Generators Firm Seeks out Indie Film Productions to Supply Power - SBWire (press release)


Quiet Generators Firm Seeks out Indie Film Productions to Supply PowerSBWire (press release)Tech Dirt says that these funds have helped to create 8,000 films, with some gaining major theatrical release. While these productions are typically scaled do ...


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