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Buy a Portable Generator for Power Where You Need It


Yamaha and Honda Generators - Economy, Reliability, and Low Maintenance

Portable GeneratorSome RVs come from the factory with a generator. You'll see this most frequently in toy haulers because the off-road crowd tends to end up in places where utility generated electricity is not available. The generator of choice for the manufacturers is the Onan 5500. The truth of the matter is, the Onan generator doesn't hold a candle to a Honda or Yamaha generator. It's not even a matter worth debating at this point. Honda generators and Yamaha generators are more reliable, less maintenance intensive, and far more economical than any other brand being manufactured anywhere. It's not even a contest. What's more, The Yamaha and Honda models are portable so they provide far more versatility than the fixed Onan models. There are many, many generators that are much cheaper, buy none rival the two leaders.

Sizing is Critical

Sizing a portable generator is an exercise that must be taken seriously because you'll either end up with a generator that is too small to generate all the electricity you need or you will spend too much money and end up with a generator that has more capacity than you really need. You have to look at all the appliances or tools that you plan on operating and find out what the draw is for each item. Things like hair dryers and air conditioners use a lot of electricity. Once you know how much current each item draws, you need to figure out the worst case scenario in terms of how many of these appliances you might be running at the same time. Using the total draw of these items is the way to size your generator.

The advantages of a portable generator are obvious. First of all, you won't be limited to using it just when you are using your RV. It can easily be used for home backup power, emergency uses, tailgating, and on and on.  It allows you to have electricity wherever you need it, whenever you need it. For what you'll pay for a Yamaha or Honda generator, it's money well spent. The most popular of the portable generators from these two companies are the 2,000 watt models; the Honda eu2000i and the Yamaha ef2000is. They outsell everything else in the market by a pretty wide margin. In some cases, they have enough power to operate the air conditioning units in many RVs. You will need to look at the draw from your specific AC unit to determine if they will work for you. It may well be that you will need to go with a 3,000 watt generator, especially if you will be running additional appliances at the same time. If you need help figuring this out, just give us a call and we will help you determine the right generator given your specific needs.

Videos about Portable Generators


Here is a video from the Briggs & Stratton, a major U.S. manufacturer of portable generators. They are going to show you how to safely set-up and operate your new portable generator.

Briggs & Stratton's Portable Generator Saftey Tips

Not sure about the safety of your portable generator? Watch this video for key tips concerning the safety of you and your generator from your friends at Brig...



Here is a very good video about the incredible portable generators from Yamaha. While people flock to the other big name Japanese generator manufacturer, Yamaha may be the best built generators in the world.

Portable Power Generators By Yamaha

The Yamaha portable generator allows you to have the power you need for any situation in the field as seen featured on Deer Gear TV and as seen in action in ...



In this video, the author provides his picks for the top five portable generators. His picks are pretty solid.

Top 5 Best Portable Generators

Visit http://www.portablegenerator-reviews.org/ to find out more about top portable generators. We also reveal where to purchase best portable generators at ...



The Yamaha 2000is is our best seller. Here's a video that will give you a great introduction to this great portable generator.

Yamaha EF 2000iS Portable Generator

Yamaha EF 2000iS at SHOT Show 2010 Yamaha http://www.yamaha-motor.com More 2010 Shot Show Coverage at http://www.gunshowreview.com/SHOT_Show_2010 Outdoor Gea...



Blog Articles about Portable Generators

Here is a blog article where the author submits his picks for the best portable generators of 2012.

The Best Portable Generators of 2012


Let us look at the details of some of the best portable generators of 2012.



Here is a really well written article about the safe operation of a portable generator. This is a must read if you have any questions or simply have not operated a generator before.

Using a Portable Generator Safely » Survival and Beyond


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a lot of people are using portable generators right now (plus many own a generator as part of their overall survival plan an.



As a result of devestating storms like Sandy, generator sales have soared over the past year. There were many manufacturers represented at the International Builders Show.

Builders' Show: New features make generators easier to use


Then there's Generac's LP5500, $800, a portable generator that comes ready to run on propane, rather than gasoline. An integrated holder accepts both 20- and 30-pound propane tanks that end the hassle of storing gasoline ...


Here is a news article from USA Today that addresses the saftey risks of generators after a big snowstorm.

Portable generators pose safety risk after snowstorm - USA TODAY


Portable generators pose safety risk after snowstormUSA TODAYGasoline-powered electric generators, used to heat homes that lose power because of ice and wind, pose a potentially deadly hazard in the hours and days after a storm passes, by filling the ...


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