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Honda EU2000i Generator - The Best Selling 2000 Watt Generator

Honda eu2000i generatorIn the world of portable generators, it's the 2,000 watt models that are the best selling. The #1 best selling of all the 2,000 watt generators is the Honda eu2000i generator. Of course, there is no brand name in the world that is more synonomous with reliability than Honda. Honda generators may be the most expensive portable generators in the marketplace. The only brand that comes close in terms of price and quality is Yamaha. In fact, in regards to price, quality, and reliability, it's a coin toss between these two brands. There is really almost nothing that seperates the two brands when it comes to small, portable generators. Now both companies manufacture a full line of small generators. You need to really access your needs accurately prior to buying to determine which size best meets your needs.

In the world of RVs, having a backup electrical source is a must if you camp in places other than RV parks and you are not connected to the grid all the time. You do have a choice as what do do for backup power. You could put photovoltaic solar power panels on your RV. If you do a lot of boondocking and are off he grid most of the time, this is the best way to go. You won't have the expense and hassle of refueling all the time and you (and your neighbors) won't have to listen to a generator. All that said, small generators like the Honda eu2000i generator fill a need and they are as reliable as can be.

Videos about the Honda eu2000i Generator

If you really want to learn all about the Honda EU2000i generator, this is the video to watch. This gentleman does a terrific review.

Honda Generator EU2000i 2000 - Explained

All operator controls are explained and then a demonstration run of the generator. Look for my other YouTube videos on Honda EU generators including the: Hon...



Here is another very good review on the Honda 2000 watt inverter generator. The author has been using Honda generators for a very long time and knows them inside and out. Good video.

Honda EU2000i Inverter / Power Generator - Real User Review & How To

ToolSelect.com put the Honda EU2000i inverter into the hands of Jason Reckner to get his unbiased real world user review on this inverter by Honda. For more ...



Watch as this gentleman unboxes and then goes through the entire process of getting ready to put his new Honda generator into service. It takes several pulls to get it stated, but that's to be expected. You have to get fuel into the system before it will fire.

Honda EU2000i unboxing and startup review

Honda EU2000i inverter generator unboxing startup and review. A quick video on what to expect when you get your eu2000i and how to make it ready to work hard.



Blog Articles about the Honada eu2000i Inverter Generator

This is a review of the Honda EU2000i generator done from a unique perspective. This bloke is a musician and he uses this generator to power his electrical musical equipment.

Rex and the Bass: Honda EU2000i Portable Generator Review


Well, you probably guessed from the title of this post that I went with the Honda EU2000i. The EU2000i is a neat unit that is very compact. This generator measures around 20 x 12 x 17 inches, and comes in at 47 pounds dry.



Honda makes iincredible cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, jet airplanes and generators. However, no matter how good your engineering is, it's inevitable that you are going to have a recall. Honda is no exception. Here's a recent blog that addresses a recall on the Honda 2000 generators.

Honda EU2000i Generator Recall - HeliFreak


Honda EU2000i Generator Recall Main Forum - Helicopter Talk.


Honda Generators


This gentleman has powered his Honda generator with propane. It turns out you can buy the generator pre-converted to use alternative fuels or you can but a conversion kit for pretty cheap.

Propane Powered Generator – Honda EU2000i + ... - Technomadia


Though we normally rely on our 200 watt solar system for power, one of the essentials in our technomadic toolbox is our small Honda EU2000 generator that has.



Unfortunately, there is always going to be someone who would steal your great little Honda generator given the opportunity, especially if it out running where it can easily be seen. Fortunately, there is a bracket you can buy that will prevent anyone from cutting through the handle. So if you have a chain or cable running through under the handle, thieves will have to find a way to cut the chain rather than the handle.

Honda Theft-Deterrent Bracket for EU2000i Generators, Model ...

http://housegenerators.orgThu, 08 Aug 2013 08:09:45 GMT

Honda metal guard is designed to prevent the theft of your high dollar EU2000i and EU2000i Companion inverter portable generator. The bracket allows you to.



Here is an accessory cable you can buy so that you can use your Honda generator to charge 12 volt batteries. This could be a very convenient thing to own.

Honda Generator D.C. Charging Cables | House Generators

http://housegenerators.orgFri, 09 Aug 2013 09:03:14 GMT

Honda 32650-892-010AH. The Honda DC Charging Cables allows 12 V DC charging at 15A on your EU1000i, EU2000i and EU3000i/S Honda generator. Cable is 10 feet.



Here is news article about the Honda generator recall.

WBAL-TV - Fire, burn hazards prompt portable generator recall - Project Economy - WBAL Home

http://www.wbaltv.com/Feb 12

This recall involves Honda gasoline-powered portable generators with model number EU2000i and serial numbers EAAJ-2260273 through EAAJ-2485025.


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