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Denver RV Dealers - We're Located Where?

Now not all the state’s RV dealers are in Denver. They can also be found in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, the high Rockies and the eastern plains. However, what is truly remarkable is that one of the leading RV dealers in Colorado is located in a very remote, very small town in the high Rockies. That dealer is Holiday RV South/RV Steals and Deals. We are located in the town of South Fork (no, not South Park). in the southern part of the State at an elevation of 8,200 feet. The town boasts a permanent population of less than 500 people. So how can RV Steals and Deals be a leader in RV sales among Colorado RV dealers and how can they possibly outsell most of the RV dealers in Denver?

Denver RV DealersOne of the most beautiful scenic drives in the country is referred to as the ‘Silver Thread’. It begins in South Fork and runs through the famous mining town of Creed and then continues on to the town of Lake City (8,658 feet) which is the jumping off point for five of the States fourteeners. I’ve driven the Silver Thread several times and it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful drive anywhere. This incredible scenery, three million acres of Forest Service land, and the very mild summer temperatures attract RV enthusiasts from all over the Southwest to South Fork. The population in South Fork swells to in excess of 50,000 in the peak summer months and almost all of these visitors are in RVs of one sort or another. To meet the needs of these folks, Holiday RV South opened its doors almost ten years ago selling used RVs and hasn’t looked back since. Their growth over this period has been nothing short of phenomenal. So how have they been able to achieve this type of success?

Holiday RV South - A Long Way from Home

From its inception, RV Steals and Deals adopted a very unique, customer centric business model that is runs counter to what you have probably ever experienced at an auto or RV dealership. The entire concept was to make it easy and painless for people to do business with us. The first thing that was done was to establish a “no haggle, no hassle” pricing policy. The price on the RV is the selling price, plain and simple. We don’t like negotiating and we know that you don’t either. Time and again, our customers have told us that our pricing is by far the best they have found. We can sell RVs at extremely low prices because we are located in the middle of nowhere and our overhead is next to nothing, especially compared to the RV dealers in Denver whose rent, wages, and advertising expenses for a month are more than we spend for an entire year. Likewise, we sell a tremendous number of vehicles every year. We do a high volume business because we have happy customers who stay loyal to us and they tell their friends about us.

Denver RV DealersRV Steals and Deals has also done a great job of leveraging the power of the Internet. While we are forever indebted to the folks from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arizona that visit us every year (to escape the blistering summer heat in their hometowns), we have been extremely effective at developing a very robust internet business. We sell RV supplies and RV accessories at industry leading prices and we ship both from our warehouse and from our wholesale distributors. We can frequently cut down both shipping costs and times by utilizing the resources of our distributors rather than shipping from South Fork. We have also developed a streamlined, nationwide system for the delivery of new RVs. New RVs are picked up from the factory, prepped, and delivered to our clients’ doorsteps ready to be enjoyed. For the savvy, experienced RV enthusiast who knows what he or she wants, this is the perfect way to get a new RV at the best price without ever leaving the comfort of home.

If you are in the market for a new or used RV, don’t just shop the Denver RV dealers. Get in contact with us today. We’ll show you just how RV Steals and Deals has earned the business of customers nationwide. We guarantee the best prices and you’ll find doing business with us is easy.



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