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There are more than fifty Colorado RV dealers. Considering the incredible natural beauty of the state, it's no wonder that so many people are into RVing. Of course, the largest concentration of dealers is in the greater Denver metro area so there are a large number of Denver RV dealers. Half of the states 5.2 million people reside in the ten county Denver metro area which is home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The second most populous area is the Colorado Springs region which is about an hour and half directly south of downtown Denver. The remainder of the dealers are scattered all over the State in places like Grand Junction and some of the towns in the High Rockies region.


Colorado RV Dealers - Shop Both Big and Small

If you want to get a look at most of the brands and models very quickly, the best place to start looking is Denver. Many of the big name RV dealers have stores with extensive inventories. In the course of a single day you could easily see dozens of different makes and models. In reality, you would be better served spending just a few hours per day and seeing a lot of RVs over several days. Trying to take it all at once will just be overwhelming. Spread over several days, you'll be able to absorb what you see and decide what it is you really like in an RV.

After you've decided what it is you would like in an RV, then it's time to decide on which manufacturer makes the best RV in the style you're looking for. Next, you need to find a good dealer that carries the product you are looking for. So there are two areas where you absolutely must do some homework. First, you've got to get online and find out which manufacturers really build quality RVs and provide great warranty support after the fact. Not all RVs are created equal. There huge differences in quality and responsiveness. You also need to spend a lot of time on the internet to find out which RV dealers are getting rave reviews and which are being ripped by their customers. As previously mentioned, there are a lot of RV dealers in Colorado. Your job is to find one that will give you a good deal and provide you with great service after the sale. As with any industry, you are going to find some great dealers and you'll find dealers that may be less than desirable to do business with.

Colorado RV Dealers - Pick with Care

RV Steals and Deals

So there are going to be two good sources for information to call upon to help you get up to speed. The internet is a great source of information. There are all kinds of forums and blogs where customers will express opinions and talk about specific problems they have had with manufacturers and dealers. You can also visit the Yelp website. People go to Yelp to review retail businesses of all types. Whether you are looking for a good Mexican restaurant, a dentist, a mechanic, or an RV dealership, Yelp is great because customers leave honest reviews on all types of businesses. Any time you can devote to this exercise will pay large dividends both short and long term. Even better, talk to people that own RVs. They are a very friendly lot and you will find that they are usually more than willing to share their experiences with you. You can visit an RV park or just talk to someone that has one parked in their driveway. RV shows are also a good place to rub elbows with RVers. Naturally, there will be a large number of RV dealers in Denver, but if you want to learn the truth, talk to an experienced RV enthusiast.

You'll find a wide variety of Colorado RV dealers. Some are huge and some are very small. Some specialize in high end vehicles and motorhomes and others cater to families looking for smaller vehicles with greater utility. Unfortunately, there are many RV dealerships that tend to do business just like many of the large auto dealerships. They badger you into a deal or a vehicle that you are not happy with and then treat you like a leper after the sale. Now that's not my idea of fun and I'm sure it's not yours either.


Reputation is Everything

So what can you do to reduce the chances that you'll have to go this kind of experience? Again, doing some research will help you eliminate some of the bad apples and may even put you on to a dealer that someone actually liked. If you want to go out and jump into the fray and start hitting dealerships, I'd start with the smaller outfits, especially those located in smaller communities. They are more dependent upon local clients and can't afford to burn bridges and get a bad reputation. Likewise, they don't have huge advertising budgets to draw in new clients, so they pretty much do everything they can to keep the clients they have. Now smaller dealers don't buy new RVs in the same volume that mega dealers do. Hence, they probably spend more to put new vehicles on the lot than a big dealer would. However, they also don't have the incredible overhead that the big dealers have to absorb every month. They usually can usually compete on price when it comes down to it. In fact, it's the large dealers who are usually less flexible when it comes to giving someone a bargain. They count on their advertising to drive a continuing stream of clients to their doorstep. The smaller dealer will generally do everything they can to make the deal happen because his opportunities are far fewer.

Colorado RV DealersThe internet is also a great place to get pricing on an RV once you've decided which RV you would like to purchase. Out of all the RV dealers in the state of Colorado, there probably isn't one that doesn't have a website. Most of the time, they will have the prices of all their RVs listed on their website. However, don't be put off if they want you to call to get a price. Sometimes this can be a good thing. Most manufactures have what is called MAP (minimum advertised price) pricing. This schedule spells out the lowest pricing that a dealer can advertise. So while a dealer may be willing to sell an RV for less than the MAP pricing, he may not advertise the price. So if you see a vehicle advertised on the web that says 'Call for price', there is a chance that it may be an aggressive price. Then again, it might just be a ploy. But don't be afraid to make a call. It might save you money.

Colorado is a beautiful state and RV camping is a great deal of fun. It allows you the freedom to get out and visit many of the very beautiful parts of the State on a far more frequent basis. So if you decide an RV would fit your needs, visit a few Colorado RV dealers. They have vehicles for every price range and you may find one that will make life more fun for you and your family.


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